Cathy Buckle is well known for her writings of daily life in Zimbabwe. These are sent to subscribers around the world and are regularly featured by a number of international print and broadcast media outlets.

Hostages and hostage takers

Dear Family and Friends, For the past fortnight we’ve been melting in Zimbabwe as we wait for the rain to move down the continent and bring us some relief. Early in the mornings when the temperature is still around 16 degrees Celsius we look up at the wide blue sky and wonder if we’ll get …

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Empty pockets and empty tummies; Sanctions didn’t do this to us

Dear Family and Friends, There’s nothing nicer than sitting outside these early mornings when its cool and quiet and the weavers are building, breaking and rebuilding their nests and hanging upside down flapping and quivering, trying to entice females to come and inspect their constructions. In the Mulberry tress the red winged louries are fidgeting …

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Surviving Zimbabwe

Surviving Zimbabwe

Dear Family and Friends, September is a raw, beautiful month in Zimbabwe: yellow, gold, orange and brown. Many of the trees are still leafless or just starting to get their spring colours and whirlwinds swirl for miles across parched, dusty countryside and over wide, dry, sandy river beds. September is survival month when everything is …

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Zimbabwe on the edge

Dear Family and Friends, “Zimbabwe on the edge.” “Crisis in Zimbabwe.” “De facto state of emergency in Zimbabwe.” These are not my words but the banner headlines on South African television news channels this week.  After a fortnight of crisis which saw over 60 people arrested including journalists, internationally acclaimed author Tsitsi Dangarembga, Advocate Fadzayi …

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