Cathy Buckle is well known for her writings of daily life in Zimbabwe. These are sent to subscribers around the world and are regularly featured by a number of international print and broadcast media outlets.

Zimbabwe on the edge

Dear Family and Friends, “Zimbabwe on the edge.” “Crisis in Zimbabwe.” “De facto state of emergency in Zimbabwe.” These are not my words but the banner headlines on South African television news channels this week.  After a fortnight of crisis which saw over 60 people arrested including journalists, internationally acclaimed author Tsitsi Dangarembga, Advocate Fadzayi …

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Can I pay for your shopping?

Dear Family and Friends, Three young guys stood at the check- out counter at the supermarket a few days ago with their shopping: 6 buns, a dozen slices of polony, one 750 ml bottle of cold drink and a small cream cake. I waited while they tried to work out how much the shopping was …

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What’s hiding behind the mist of Coronavirus lockdown in Zimbabwe?

Dear Family and Friends, On these cold winter morning when the temperatures are down into single digits and thick white mist conceals dips and valleys, Zimbabweans aren’t snuggled up warm in their beds but are out looking for water.  Boreholes with hand pumps, wells with ropes or murky shallow pools in what’s left of our …

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Cathy Buckle Books

LULU publishers are currently undertaking major upgrades to their online operations. The BUY NOW links are currently unavailable but my books are all still there! Please click this link to get to all my titles  Choose the book your are looking for, click ADD TO CART and follow the steps from the shopping cart …

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