Letters from Zimbabwe began in February 2000, providing eye witness accounts of seventeen years of upheaval, farm invasions, political violence, social turmoil and catastrophic economic collapse which eventually led to the resignation of Robert Mugabe in November 2017.

These blogs about life in Zimbabwe, continue the story, starting from January 2018.

Dear Family and Friends, Zimbabwe has just heard news of the death of Morgan Tsvangirai, a man who had become a beacon of hope in Zimbabwe for the last two decades. Founder and leader of opposition party MDC, Mr Tsvangirai will be remembered as a brave man who made extreme sacrifices to try and bring …
Dear Family and Friends, “The taste of freedom was on our lips and in our hearts today,” those were my words on the 18th November 2017 when I last wrote to you from Zimbabwe. That had been the day that broke the iron band of oppression and fear that had been suffocating us for 37 …

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