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Zimbabwe's Timeless Beauty 2022

Zimbabwe’s Timeless Beauty: The 2022 Collection

If you long for the quiet beauty of wild places. If you love Zimbabwe and part of you still misses Africa. This book of photos and short stories from Cathy’s times in wild and beautiful Zimbabwe should soothe your soul.
Sit with Cathy at the riverbank and watch the sun drop into the horizon, while elephants splash and flop in the water in front of you. Close your eyes, imagine the hot sun on your face and listen to the stories of Zimbabwe’s enduring beauty whispering in the wind. You will love this little book because it will remind you of, or tempt you to have, your own wonderful adventures in Zimbabwe.

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Cathy Buckle Zimbabwe

Cathy Buckle

Cathy Buckle is a best selling Zimbabwean author. Her blog ‘Letters from Zimbabwe‘ has been running for 22 years, it is read around the world and regularly features in international print and broadcast media. Cathy’s first book ‘African Tears’ was serialised in the UK by The Sunday Times.

Cathy’s accounts of the raw reality of life for ordinary Zimbabweans demonstrates the resilience of a people who have lived for decades in economic and political chaos. Cathy’s writing reflects the warmth of the people and the beauty of the landscape both of which she reports sustain her and inspire her to keep writing the story of Zimbabwe.

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