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Ziambabwe's Timeless Beauty - The 2021 Collection

Cathy Buckle's Latest Book

Zimbabwe’s Timeless Beauty is an evocative collection of photographs and stories of the enduring beauty of Zimbabwe.


Cathy Buckle's New Release

When working in a game park in Harare Cathy cared for two orphaned elephants rescued from a cull.

Cathy Buckle - Letters From Zimbabwe

Cathy Buckle and her well known blog, Letters from Zimbabwe, featuring eye witness accounts of daily life in Zimbabwe, has been running since February 2000. It is sent to subscribers around the world and is regularly featured by a number of international print and broadcast media outlets.

Cathy writes not as an academic, an expert or an historian, but as an ordinary woman living in a small town in Zimbabwe. Her raw and often painful stories give a glimpse of hope in a country for so long in a state of despair.

Cathy Buckle (Author)

Cathy's Letters

Cathy’s Letters from Zimbabwe, covering the last seventeen years of Robert Mugabe’s rule, are collated into four books: ‘Can you hear the drums’ (2000-2004); ‘Millions, billions, trillions’ (2005-2009); When winners are losers’ (2009-2013); and ‘Finding our voices’ (2013-2017).

These and other books about life in Zimbabwe, including the bestselling ‘African Tears’ (serialized by the UK Sunday Times, Rapport newspaper and Femina magazine in South Africa) are all available on this website.

www.cathybuckle.co.zw contains Letters from Zimbabwe commencing from February 2018, three months after the resignation of Robert Mugabe.

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