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2021. “Zimbabwe’s Timeless Beauty.” The 2021 Collection” ISBN 978-1-77921-352-5 Publisher Catherine Buckle, 2021 Zimbabwe. Softback. 104 pages. Non Fiction

2021. “Rundi. Walking With Elephants.” Revised edition. ISBN 978-1-57349-9 Publisher Catherine Buckle, 2021, UK. Softback. 240 pages. Non Fiction

2020. “Surviving Zimbabwe.” ISBN 978-1-77925-230-2 Publisher Catherine Buckle, 2020. Zimbabwe. Softback. 351 pages. Non-Fiction.

2018. “Finding our voices. Letters from Zimbabwe 2013 – 2017.” ISBN 9781779063267 Publisher Catherine Buckle, 2018, Zimbabwe. Softback. 250 pages. Non Fiction.

2018 “When winners are losers Letters from Zimbabwe 2009 – 2013.” ISBN 9780797494442 Publisher Catherine Buckle, 2018 Zimbabwe. Softback. 217 pages. Non Fiction.

2016. “Rundi. Hand rearing baby elephants.” ISBN: 978-0-7974-7102-3 Publisher Catherine Buckle, 2016 Zimbabwe. Softback. 197 pages. 9 colour, 12 black & white photos. Non Fiction. Withdrawn 2021.

2015. “Sleeping Like a Hare.” ISBN 978-0-797464407 Publisher Catherine Buckle, 2015, Zimbabwe. Softback. 150 pages. Non Fiction.

2014. “Millions, Billions Trillions. Letters from Zimbabwe 2005 – 2009.” ISBN: 978-0-797459625
Publisher: Catherine Buckle, 2014, Zimbabwe. Softback. 204 pages. Non Fiction.

2013. “Can you Hear the Drums? Letters from Zimbabwe 2000-2004.” ISBN: 978-0-797456495
Publisher Catherine Buckle, 2013, Zimbabwe. Softback. 278 pages. Non Fiction

2010. “History of the Mukuvisi Woodlands. 1910 – 2010.” 30th Anniversary Commemorative Booklet. Publisher: Mukuvisi Woodland Association, Harare, Zimbabwe. Softback. 64 pages, softback; full colour, pictures throughout. Non Fiction.

2010. “Imire. The Life and Times of Norman Travers.” ISBN 978-1-904289-70-8 Publisher Catherine Buckle, 2010 Zimbabwe. Foreword by Lady Mary Soames OBE. Softback, 200 pages. Non fiction.

2009. “Innocent Victims: rescuing the stranded animals of Zimbabwe’s farm invasions.” ISBN: 978 1906122 07 2. Pubisher: Merlin Unwin, U.K. Foreword by David Shepherd OBE. 337pages, 28 black & white photographs..Hardback. Non fiction.

2002. “Beyond Tears. Zimbabwe’s Tragedy.” ISBN 1-86842-139-2 Publisher Jonathan Ball, South Africa. Foreword by Bill Saidi (Assistant Editor of the Daily News, Zimbabwe) Softback. 218 pages. Non Fiction.

2001. “African Tears. The Zimbabwe Land Invasions” ISBN 1-86842-140-6 Publisher: Covos Day, South Africa. Reprinted 2002 Jonathan Ball, South Africa. Foreword by Trevor Ncube (Editor in chief: Zimbabwe Independent; The South African Mail and Guardian) Serialized in the Sunday Times (UK), Rapport Newspaper (South Africa); Femina magazine (South Africa). Softback. 242 pages. Non Fiction.

1999. “The Litany Bird.” ISBN 1-77900-320-X Publisher: College Press, Zimbabwe. Softback,168 pages. Fiction for young adults.

1988. “Rusty Velvet.” ISBN 0-908306-62-0. Publisher: Longman, Zimbabwe. Serialized and read on ZBC radio in 1990. Recommended by Ministry of Education’s Curriculum Development Unit as a supplementary senior school reader, supplement to Biology teaching and as a reference material in the psychology of adolescence. Softback. 92 pages. Fiction for teenagers.

1988. “The Animals of the Shashani.” ISBN 0-908306-08-3. Publisher: Quest, Zimbabwe. Reprinted 1996 College Press, Zimbabwe. Recommended by Ministry of Education Curriculum Development Unit as a supplementary junior school reader. 2018 selected by ZIMSEC as a set book for Form 1 and 2 English Literature students in Zimbabwe schools. Softback. 59 pages. Fiction for children.

1988. “Pookie, the monkey who came to town.” ISBN 0-908306-09-1 Publisher: Quest, Zimbabwe. Reprinted 1996 College Press, Zimbabwe. Recommended by Ministry of Education Curriculum Development Unit as a supplementary junior school reader. Softback 63 pages. Fiction for children.

MEDIA: Print and broadcast

1988-1992: Numerous wildlife articles for Zimbabwe, A Tourist Paradise
1997-2000: Regular op/ed column for The Zimbabwe Independent
2001-2003: Weekly op/ed leader page columnist for The Daily News
2003 Weekly op/ed columnist for the The Daily News Online
2000-2019 (ongoing) Occasional freelance articles for: The Week (UK), The Independent (UK), The Tablet (UK), The Sunday Times (UK), The Spectator (UK), The Daily Telegraph (UK),Le Monde (France), Paris Match (France) The New Republic (USA), The Frankfurter (Germany), The Herald (New Zealand) The National Post (Canada), Femina (South Africa), The Cape Times (South Africa), The Star (South Africa), Die Burger (South Africa), The Natal Mercury (South Africa), The Sunday Tribune (South Africa), Grazia (Australia).
2000-2019 (ongoing) Letters from Zimbabwe posted and read on numerous international websites and read on short wave radio broadcasts including SW Radio Africa, Nehanda Radio, Voice of America, The Zimbabwean.

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