Cathy Buckle is well known for her writings of daily life in Zimbabwe. These are sent to subscribers around the world and are regularly featured by a number of international print and broadcast media outlets.

When Winners Are Losers

When Winners Are Losers

Dear Family and Friends, Under a bright blue sky and with the golden grass swaying in the cool winter wind, Zimbabwe is holding its breath this June. Our neighbourhoods and gardens are filled with the clear, alluring voices of Orioles and Shrikes and the piercing whistles of young Hawks and Eagles as they learn to …

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Does A Leopard Ever Change It's Spots?

Does A Leopard Ever Change Its Spots?

Dear Family and Friends, Zimbabwe is approaching the crossroads; an election date has been announced and we will go to the polls on Monday 30th July 2018. For the first time in 38 years we will have neither Robert Mugabe nor Morgan Tsvangirai as Presidential candidates.  This is a critical, watershed period for our country. …

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Nothing To Go Back To

Nothing To Go Back To

Dear Family and Friends, With the recent news that compensation may finally be forthcoming for farmers whose properties have been compulsorily acquired by the Zimbabwe government since 2000, many of us now face a time of extremely painful memories and decisions. Those of us whose farms were grabbed by war veterans and Zanu PF supporters …

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Life Is Tough: The Human Faces Of Zimbabwe's "Land Chaos"

Life Is Tough: The Human Faces Of Zimbabwe’s “Land Chaos”

Dear Family and Friends, Its eighteen years and two months since the seizure of privately owned commercial farms by the Zanu PF government and their supporters began and Zimbabwe is beginning to count the costs. Front page headlines of a Zimbabwean weekly newspaper this week put a number on Zimbabwe’s land invasions since March 2000 …

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The Call Of The Nightjar

The Call Of The Nightjar

Dear Family and Friends, I met a man on a riverbank on a sunny morning under a bright blue Zimbabwean sky. It was Independence Day, the 18th April 2018.  Mountains shimmered hazy and blue on the far horizon and cow bells clanged somewhere in the thick bush nearby. The man was in his late thirties, …

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The Honeymoon Is Over

The Honeymoon Is Over

Dear Family and Friends, The honeymoon is over in Zimbabwe. Four and a half months after the army made Mr Mugabe resign and enabled Mr Mnangagwa to take over as President, the infatuation of the nation has worn off. Every day we are being bombarded with good news stories:”investors knocking on the door,” “huge deals …

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Undoing Zimbabwe's Disgrace

Undoing Zimbabwe’s Disgrace

Dear Family and Friends, These March mornings the mist hangs low and thick at dawn. The tall roadside grass, heavily laden with dew and seeds, bows deeply, its gold and green interspersed with pink and white Cosmos flowers. Out of the early morning mist a Francolin emerges, runs a few steps, pecks at grains in …

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Same Bus, Different Driver

Same Bus, Different Driver

Dear Family and Friends, We are in danger of getting webbed feet in many parts of Zimbabwe after a month of very heavy downpours. In my area we’ve had half of our annual rainfall in the last three weeks. Roadside crops that were wilting and looking like onions a few weeks ago, are now sitting …

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