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Timeless Beauty 2023

Zimbabwe’s Timeless Beauty: The 2023 Collection

When solace and silence are needed. When wild and beautiful places soothe. When a new adventure is just the medicine.
After an intense period of loss and grief Cathy Buckle sought solace in the wild and beautiful places she loves. Sitting on a rock on the edge of a woodland she looked out at a valley of golden grass, the warm sun on her back, a breeze on her face, an eagle circling overhead, she knew the pain was healing.
With her girlfriends by her side she found that laughter was the tonic she needed and she went adventuring again, discovering more of Zimbabwe’s wild and beautiful places.
You will love this book because the evocative writing will inspire you to find your own peace in wild and beautiful places.

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Zimbabwe's Timeless Beauty 2022

Zimbabwe’s Timeless Beauty: The 2022 Collection

If you long for the quiet beauty of wild places. If you love Zimbabwe and part of you still misses Africa. This book of photos and short stories from Cathy’s times in wild and beautiful Zimbabwe should soothe your soul. Sit with Cathy at the riverbank and watch the sun drop into the horizon, while elephants splash and flop in the water in front of you. Close your eyes, imagine the hot sun on your face and listen to the stories of Zimbabwe’s enduring beauty whispering in the wind. You will love this little book because it will remind you of, or tempt you to have, your own wonderful adventures in Zimbabwe.

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Zimbabwes Timeless Collection 2021 Collection

Zimbabwe’s Timeless Beauty: The 2021 Collection

If you have ever lived in Zimbabwe. If you still remember the blue of the sky. This little book of stunning photographs and evocative short stories will probably leave you yearning for those moments, when the beauty of the natural world overwhelms and restores you; like they do for Cathy Buckle. Kopjes and mountains, waterfalls and rivers, wild places and beautiful creatures, red and orange sunsets, pink and apricot sunrises. You can almost hear eagles screeching overhead or hippos grunting in the river at sunset. You will almost feel the warmth of the sun on your face as you look at the golden grass swaying in a warm breeze.
You will love this little book because it will remind you of how beautiful Zimbabwe is.

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Wild and Beautiful Zimbabwe

Imire. The Life and Times of Norman Travers

A lifetime of remarkable adventures in Zimbabwe.
A three legged leopard, a hippo and a lion in the garden.
A crocodile in the swimming pool.
Norman was a visionary conservationist who also hunted, fished and farmed. He lived a life full of adventure and built Imire into a significant wildlife park. Norman and Gilly’s family life included lions, elephants, leopards, hippo and ‘…a stream of naughty, smelly little animals…’  
Norman is a man of those times; often a glass of whisky, always a pipe and a twinkle in his eye as he remembers these wonderful stories.
You will love this book because it is a warm hearted tribute to a life lived in Africa.

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Rundi: Walking with Elephants

Their mothers have been killed.
They have been in a noisy truck for hours.
They are not even weaned and they are very scared.
Slowly, gently and patiently Cathy and Simon coax the baby elephants to risk a taste of milky porridge. The male is more confident, the little female is much more wary. They have wounds which must be treated if they are to survive.
Will these little orphaned elephants, now known as Rundi and Muku, ever learn to trust humans? Will they survive in this new place and without their herd?
You will love this book because of the moving story and charming photographs of these intelligent, characterful and sensitive creatures.

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Life During Political Crises in Zimbabwe

Cathy’s personal story and the stories of life for other ordinary Zimbabweans.

  1. African Tears
    Cathy’s story of how she and her six year old son had their home stolen.
  2. Beyond Tears
    The story of the brutal violence that accompanied Mugabe’s hold on power.
  3. Surviving Zimbabwe
    The stories of ordinary Zimbabweans and how they lived their day to day lives.
  4. Sleeping Like a Hare
    Lovemore’s story; to feed his wife and child he has to leave and find work in

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Eyewitness History – Zimbabwe

The history of 20 years of Mugabe’s rule, through letters and media stories.

1. Can you Hear the Drums
A new century, Mugabe holds onto power using any and all means.

2.Millions, Billions, Trillions
The highest inflation rate in the world and worthless trillion-dollar notes.

3. When Winners are Losers.
Despite intimidation people vote; Mugabe loses the election, but stays in power.

4. Finding our Voices.
Finally Mugabe is ousted, for a moment there is hope for Zimbabwe.

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