Day Five: Hippo … run!

A few days away with friends on the banks of the Mazowe river the weather was hot and humid and the best place to be was in the shade of the huge riverine trees where there was always something to see, birds, monkeys, a large swaggering leguaan (monitor lizard) or a hippo blowing and snorting in the river. At night it was so hot that a friend and I decided to sleep outside under the stars. It was a spectacular night glittering with stars and we soon fell asleep. A few hours later my friend woke me, two enormous hippo were almost on top of us, grazing on the lush green grass, heading straight for us. “Don’t shine your torch on them,” I whispered, knowing that hippos hate bright lights, “just run!” Blindly we ran until we got to safety, adrenalin pumping, hysteria bubbling. We looked back and the hippos were grazing right at the edge of our mattresses. How unexpected this beautiful Zimbabwe is. Copyright © Cathy Buckle