Day Three: Charging Elephant 

As we went along the dirt road in the direction of the pan (waterhole) in Gonarezhou, the track got narrower and narrower. Scrubby Mopane trees grew right to edge of the road, their dry crackly branches and brown leaves brushing against the sides of the vehicle. Not a good place to meet an elephant and our eyes were peeled for any signs: we watched for moving leaves or stripped bark or big round footprints on the road and then suddenly there it was. A huge elephant bull appeared out of the bush right in front of us and it wasn’t happy. We were in its way and knew we had to reverse, immediately. Back and back we went but the elephant kept coming, running straight at us, dust rising, ears spread. Still we reversed and when the elephant finally stopped charging us I took this photograph but didn’t need to, because this was an encounter we would never forget. This is the wild face of our beautiful Zimbabwe.  Copyright © Cathy Buckle